12-speed cassette (SRAM XD freehub)

Not compatible with KMC and YBN chains!

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  • Cassette model
  • Made from
  • Made with
  • Cassette speeds
  • Weight, grams
  • Cassette gears
  • Compatible rear derailleurs
  • Freehub compatibility
  • E-bike compatible
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Learn how to install our XD-compatible cassette

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The most affordable and lightweight 12-speed cassette for XD freehub on the market, Garbaruk 12-speed cassette is a perfect addition to your high-performance 12-speed MTB drivetrain

Welcome everything you love about Garbaruk cassettes: lightweight, rigid and durable monoblock performer in the ever-evolving 12-speed package. As per our field-tested recipe, we mill 11 steel cogs out of a single piece of heat-treated steel and add a securely fitted 48/50/52T aluminum cog, milled out of 7075-series aluminum alloy and color anodized

        What Garbaruk 12-speed cassette for XD freehub provides is everything you expect from the highest-performing MTB drivetrain plus lower weight, more     affordable price, smoother shifting quality (complemented by Garbaruk oversized pulleys) and an option to make your bike stand out like no other bike can (with Garbaruk RD cage and derailleur pulleys)

Now available in 10-52T variant with 520% range

Climb higher than ever with the newest Garbaruk 10-52T 12-speed cassette. Plug our cassette into your existing 12-speed high-performance SRAM drivetrain and don't let those steep hills prevent you from heading to the top, whether it's the podium or the mountain you always wanted to get on top of

Garbaruk 12-speed cassette for XD freehub: reviewed by Pinkbike

"Lightweight alternative to XO1 Eagle at a lower price"
Clarico-Full Image
Clarico-Full Image
Obvious choice

The most lightweight (10-50T model is ~23g lighter compared to SRAM's XX1 Eagle and Shimano XTR 9100 10-51T cassettes) and affordable (~EUR 50 cheaper then SRAM XX1 Eagle) 12-speed cassette on the market

11-speed derailleur compatible

11-speed rear derailleurs-compatible (requires Garbaruk RD cage and 12-speed shifter)

Monoblock design

Monoblock design (made out of hardened steel) with only largest cog made out of aluminum

Smooth Shifting And No Chaindrop

Enhanced teeth chamfers for flawless shifting and error-free back-pedaling, complemented by Garbaruk RD cage and oversized derailleur pulleys

Matches Your Design Ambitions

The highest number of available color options to match our Garbaruk RD cage and Garbaruk oversized derailleur pulleys

Plug and Play

Install the cassette into your existing 12-speed drivetrain and shred those trails right away, easily replace your boring standard derailleur pulleys with Garbaruk ones

Recommended drivetrain setups

10-48/50T cassette with SRAM 11-speed rear derailleur and 12-speed shifter: Garbaruk RD cage is required for optimal performance, may be coupled with Garbaruk oversized derailleur pulleys

10-48/50T cassette with SRAM 12-speed rear derailleur: Garbaruk RD cage is optional, may be coupled with Garbaruk oversized derailleur pulleys

10-52T cassette with SRAM 12-speed rear derailleur: Garbaruk RD cage is optional, may be coupled with Garbaruk oversized derailleur pulleys

Rear derailleur compatibility note

Garbaruk recommends using 12-speed SRAM XD-compatible cassette with SRAM 12-speed MTB rear derailleur models, full list of compatible derailleurs is available in the specification tab. As of now, we do not recommend mixed type drivetrains.

      Table below demonstrates how Garbaruk 12 speed for SRAM XD freehub-compatible cassette faces the competition

  • EUR 235 (10-48/50T), EUR 240 (10-52T)
  • 10-48T, 10-50T, 10-52T
  • 480%, 500%
  • 1 alu cog
  • 340g (10-48T), 343g (10-50T), 357g (10-52T)
  • EUR 139 (XG-1275), EUR 268 (XG-1295), EUR 310 (XG-1299)
  • 10-50T
  • 500%
  • 1 alu cog
  • 450g (XG-1275), 
    356g (XG-1295),  362g (XG-1299)
Leonardi 12-SPEED
  • EUR 337
  • 9-50T
  • 555%
  • 1 alu cog
  • 358g
  • EUR 278
  • 9-52T
  • 577%
  • 5 alu cogs
  • 327g
E*thirteen 12-SPEED
  • EUR 232
  • 9-50T
  • 555%
  • 2 alu cogs
  • 405g
Clarico-Full Image

Specifications for 12-speed cassette (SRAM XD freehub)

Cassette model 10-48T or 10-50T or 10-52T
Made from Chromoly steel alloy + 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy (largest cog)
Made with CNC milling
Cassette speeds 12-speed
Weight, grams 340±2% (10-48T), 343±2% (10-50T), 357±2% (10-52T)
Cassette gears 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-48 (10-48T), 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50 (10-50T), 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-37-44-52 (10-52T)
Compatible rear derailleurs SRAM 12-speed: XX1 Eagle, X01 Eagle, GX Eagle, NX Eagle, XX1 AXS, X01 AXS, GX AXS.
Freehub compatibility SRAM XD
E-bike compatible No
Color Black or Blue or Gold or Green or Orange or Red or Silver or Violet