Follow the steps below to install Garbaruk RD cage on Shimano 10/11-speed rear mech

This manual is valid only for installing Garbaruk RD cage on Shimano 10/11-speed Shadow+ MTB rear derailleurs

In order to install Garbaruk RD cage seamlessly, you will need the following tools:

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • T40 torx key

  • 4mm Allen (hex) key

  • 3mm Allen (hex) key

  • 2mm Allen (hex) key

ATTENTION: Remember to turn the friction clutch off in order to disassemble the derailleur cage

Undo the screws holding pulleys in place

Unscrew the stopper bolt located near the top part of the cage

In order to remove the standard cage, first you need to compress the derailleur spring and turn the derailleur cage in clockwise direction, thus tightening it as well

While holding the derailleur cage and spring tightened, unscrew friction clutch protective cover bolts

Unscrew the friction clutch bolt

Remove the standard derailleur cage

Remove the standard derailleur cage spring base and install it on Garbaruk cage

Insert the outer end of derailleur clutch spring into the appropriate hole in the friction clutch body

While holding Garbaruk RD cage in place, tighten the friction clutch bolt to 2 Nm

Tighten the bolt holding the derailleur cage in place to 7 Nm

Tighten the derailleur clutch protective cover bolts

Compress the derailleur spring and keep the derailleur cage from rotating counter-clockwise

Re-tighten the derailleur cage stopper bolt