Garbaruk Custom Works

At Garbaruk we make it possible to create products that reflect each any every unique detail of your bike build. Achieving this requires meticulous attention to every customer's request, but the result is a feature perfectly suiting the customer's exclusive request.

Our engineering and design teams will utilize their experience creating lightweight and durable bike drivetrain components to make a one-of-a-kind part for your bike drivetrain.

For custom options you can choose a unique chainring offset pefrectly fitted to your bike or non-standard BCD/DM standard etc. For those of you who can appreciate each extra mm or few grams off of their bike, such option is a must. 

Taking part in GCW

If you are a small (or big) bike/components manufacturer and looking for a company to make custom drivetrain components for you, you are very welcome to share your ideas with us - we will help you to materialize them at the highest quality level possible. In order for your project to qualify for GCW, we would like you to share your project features with us, and describe how publicly visible your project will be. If you simply looking for a custom solution for your bike, our engineering team will develop such project. Please contact us via a website form or via email for details.

Contact us to participate in GCW if you:

      • Are a company manufacturing non-standard/unique bikes

      • Require specifically designed bike drivetrain components no one on the market offers

      • Have an interesting build/project that should gain attention

Projects featuring Garbaruk Custom Works

      • Scott Spark by Gustav Gullholm (aka Dangerholm): read more

      • More to come...

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