What's all the fuss about

Since February 2018 we started shipping a new version of our 11-speed XD driver body-compatible cassette with reinforced inner lockring design. An updated cassette now comes with our custom designed tool required for installation and has an increased compatibility range. A last-gen XD-compatible cassette is still covered by warranty and will continue providing support for our customers as before.

What's new

To allow installation on 142+ rear hubs, which is used, for example, on latest Specialized bikes, we modified our cassette in such a way that the cassette sits further away from the rear frame dropout.

Tightening the cassette’s inner lockring is now done with Garbaruk Inner Lockring Tool that comes with every cassette. Using this tool allowed us to make a reinforced outer lockring threads. We also applied a notch to the part of the cassette where the outer lockring goes into to prevent the lockring from unscrewing.

Why we use two lockings instead of one

Double-lockring design, implemented in Garbaruk XD-compatible cassettes, in comparison to the single-lockring one used by SRAM, reduces the operational noise and prevents the lockring threads from stripping when you try to unmount the cassette after it’s been fixed in place for a long period of time.

About narrow-wide cassette teeth

Narrow-wide technology, used by SRAM for smallest cassette cogs on their products, turned out to be not as efficient in all possible cases as it had been expected, because during operation, narrow chain links are not always placed on narrow cassette cog teeth, and it is likewise with wide teeth. This results in extra noise during operation, chain slips and even broken chain as the worst-case scenario (may occur under high load when the chain and cassette narrow-wide cogs are misaligned). For Garbaruk XD-compatible products, we avoided using narrow-wide-similar technology, but instead we designed the cassette teeth in such a way that prevents chain drops during back-pedaling.