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Please refer to this manual if your XD-compatible cassette is an updated version (you can read about the differences between an updated version and previous one here). Current-gen Garbaruk XD-compatilble cassettes which are sold via this online-shop have a different mounting system and can be installed in the same way regular XD cassettes are installed, without Garbaruk special tools needed.

Installation of SRAM XD driver body-compatible cassette requires tightening two different lockrings, so please refer to the installation steps below for installing the cassette you just purchased.

Tools you will need

To install Garbaruk XD-compatible cassette, you will need a Garbaruk Inner Lockring Tool that comes with every cassette, a torque wrench and a cassette lockring removal tool. We recommend using the cassette lockring removal tool with guide pin that will not allow you to strip the lockring threads while tightening it.

Tools required for Garbaruk XD cassette installation

Step 1

Clean the dust and mud from the freehub splines and threads.

Step 2

Remove the outer cassette lockring, unscrewing it in counter-clockwise direction. If necessary, hold the inner lockring with your hand.

Step 3

Put the cassette on the driver body splines. A cassette, unlike the freehub body, has key-less splines, and you can install it on the freehub in any position.

However, make sure to check whether the cassette is fitted securely and tightly on the splines. Misaligned cassette placement on the driver body may damage the cassette as well as the driver body.

Step 4

While holding the cassette, fully insert the Garbaruk Inner Lockring Tool in the inner lockring threads. Please make sure that the tool is fully inserted in the threads, otherwise you can damage the tool or the lockring itself. Using 24mm wrench socket, turn the Inner Lockring Tool in clockwise direction. Maximum torque we recommend applying is 45 Nm.

Step 5

After that, you will need to tighten the outer lockring.

Insert the outer lockring and screw it clockwise by hand until it’s securely tightened. Make sure the outer lockring is screwed correctly and tighten it with a removal tool. Maximum torque we recommend applying is 40 Nm.

BE CAREFUL since applying too much force when tightening the lockring may damage its threads and make it impossible to use the cassette properly.

That's it!

After going through the steps described above the cassette is installed and ready for operation!