Long path from idea to reality

From day one when we decided to make the MTB cassettes they've been constantly evolving and receiving new features and improvements. What we've come up with today is the new type of coating for our cassettes which certainly looks cool, however we would like to ask the community about how cool it really is.

What's about it that makes it so cool

The main feature of the new coating is that it enables the steel part of the cassette to change its color depending on the color of the aluminum cog it's attached to. With this feature you can get a cassette which from the side will have this unique two-tone color scheme where steel part looks like a one solid piece together with alu gear.

Bike-community opinion

So how cool do you think this looks and would you like to have a cassette like this for yourself? Post your comments down below, share this post to your friends and let us know!